Joseba Eskubi

Untitled, from Arnasa

A piece from Joseba's newest series, Arnasa

Spanish artist Joseba Eskubi paints with incredible passion, allowing him to create unique paintings that express his emotions. Each series of paintings created by Joesba are designed to make the viewer feel exactly what Joseba wants them to feel. He uses different mediums to make viewers feel his different emotions. His work has been featured on The22Magazine, an issue of Mental Shoes (#19), and Dust&Desert Magazine.

We had the lucky opportunity to interview Joseba over Flickr mail and get some insight into his work experience and personality.

When did you begin painting/collaging and what inspired you to start?
I started two years ago with the intention to incorporate new techniques to the process of painting, trying to find different planes in the visual space. This manipulation of classic images produces a decontextualization of the original forms, expanding their sense and transform them into something new. These collages can be considered as extended paintings where the pictorial substance is always present.

Untitled, from Mauri

from his Mauri series

Is being an artist your profession or just a hobby?
I don’t know; it’s simply part of my life.

What is a day in your studio like?
I preferer to work early in the morning; my mind is clearer. After a cup of coffee the universe begins to rotate stronger! I usually work in series that hang on the walls of the study, they are obsessively accumulated.

How much time do you typically spend on a single piece?
It depends, but I usually like to work fast to preserve some margin of chance and improvisation. In a second observation, more distant, the image appears with another sense and in this case some modifications are necessary.

Untitled, from Hartzazu

from his Hartzazu series

How do you feel about posting your work on Flickr versus having your own website?
Actually, I like Flickr and its possibilities to communicate my daily work in a direct and easy way .

Do any artists inspire you/do you borrow techniques from other artists?
Of course, a lot of them. The technique isn’t an isolated thing but rather open and unfinished process.

Adding on to that, who are your favorite artists, and have any recent artists caught your attention?
I love the works of Allison Schulnik, Ivan Seal, Ruth van Beek…it´is really difficult to choose someone. There are some many interesting artists!

Untitled, from Arnasa

A piece from his Arnasa series

In your newest project, Arnasa, what inspired you to add other materials besides paint?
I was trying to make a painting with an intense material presence, an image that could be eaten with the eyes, and these materials seemed to produce this sensation.

Why do you use paint over other mediums, like magazines?
I want to create interferences between different techniques. It’s like a collage where the paintbrush breaks the initial form, and makes it something abstract and unrecognizable. I’ve always been interested in changing forms; I observe how each material has within it a force for change, to become something new. It’s like a constant metamorphosis — an inner movement of things.

Over your artistic career have your feelings towards your work changed?

They are always changing, and it’s the transformation that makes it [my artwork] interesting and alive.

Joseba lives in Bilabo, a medium-sized city North of Spain. You can keep up with his work on Arnasa and browse his previous work on his Flickr.


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